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musician & writer



When the bottom fell out / went slipping down the stairs / all the years we mapped out / gone with the summer / we had it wrong

As the bells ring out / and silence the memory / the nightmare’s woke now / every minute eternity / a restless calm

Clear and real / fear this fear

All the broken glass / bent backward in the sun / all the broken people / buy the biggest guns / following the siren’s song

Clear and real / fear this fear

Thought I heard a knock on the door /…



I saw her walking by / must be against the law / all that yellowcake / so sweet to taste / gunna make a dead man moan / a ghost gunna build its home / in all that yellowcake / what a crime to waste / are you looking at me / are you looking at me

All the holes I can make you feel / all the space between the strings / do you think my phantom’s fake / darkness has a face / are you looking at me / are you looking at me

I swear your…

In the summer of 2016 while I was interning at a comedy theater in LA, I matched with one the theater’s performers on Tinder. I had first seen him on TV, so I couldn’t believe we matched. He was handsome, hilarious. I was so nervous when he messaged me. I remember drafting my responses carefully — funny enough that he’d want to meet, but not so funny that I’d seem like I was trying too hard.

After we exchanged numbers, he suggested I come over to his place, which I understood to be code for sex. I said no, that…

short story

U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1961.

It was a dry Thanksgiving: so crunchy, cold, and arid. The whole atmospheric nature of the day reminded me in a very general way how much I disliked rye bread, which tastes like the smell of that crap they throw on fresh vomit in grade school when some kid upchucks the hot lunch.

“Should we stop for hot chocolate?”

We were about halfway to my aunt Jackie’s house when Mom had to kind of shout the offer over Paul’s “Stairway to Heaven” sing-a-long. …

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